Emily Wells

Emily Wells: violin, vocals, organs, synths, sounds, guitars, ukuleles, glockenspiels, xylophones, metallphones
Joey Reina: upright bass, electric bass
Sam Halterman: drums


“Multi-instrumentalist Emily Wells says she's ‘most influenced by the songs and voices of Nina Simone and Bob Dylan.’ You can hear it in Emily's music. She's a singer-songwriter with unconventional and often chilling vocals."

"Emily Wells has a quavering, angelic voice that has a little aura of strangeness."
-iTunes (indie spotlight)

"Like a mix of Nina Simone and Bjork, Wells bled emotion with every word."

"....no one raises the bar for exquisitely crafted, orchestral (and danceable) indie folk like Emily Wells, who's celebrating the release of her ambitious new album. The Symphonies: Dreams Memories and Parties has been years in the making, and its soaring arrangements and heartbreaking harmonies are well worth the wait."



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