Lawrence & Mayo - Your glasses are you

2009 yılının sonlarında Lawrence & Mayo adlı gözlük firması yeni kampanyaları doğrultusunda 3 ilan hazırlattı... gözlüğün seni anlatır kafasındaki bu çalışmalar, grafik değerleri, stili, metinleri ve kullanılan isimler itibariyle önemli bir yere sahip... büyük halleri için resimlerin üstüne tıklayın... detayları inceleyin derim...

Which Bono is Bono?
The voice keeps getting louder. The stage changes everyday. The activist becomes a rock star who becomes an activist. The impassioned ballads become lyrical speeches. And vice-versa. The lighter-waving fans are replaced by suited delegates at the UN. Through it all the brown, polarized, wide-framed Bulgaris remain constant. Letting those photosensitive eyes see all that is wrong with our world.
Lawrence & Mayo. Your glasses are you.

John's gone.
28 years on. The songs over. The words forgotten. The fortune divided. Even the anthem is just a sweet, silly idealistic lullaby now. Only a pair of round-rimmed, gold-plated, smoke-tinted glasses survive, hoping there'll be another like him.
Lawrence & Mayo. Your glasses are you.

He'll be back.
The studios have cashed out. The shotgun lies rusted. The Terminator is himself a Governor now. And his promises sound different. But a pair of Oakley frogskins sunglasses still hangs on to the legend. Just in case the world needs another round of saving.
Lawrence & Mayo. Your glasses are you.

3 Responses to "Lawrence & Mayo - Your glasses are you"

Azura said :
19 Nisan 2010 20:16
Vay anasini ne orjinal. Benim Lennon gozlugum var, cok seviyorum oley.
CaRtMaNtR said :
20 Nisan 2010 01:10
Arnold gözlüğü her eve lazım :D
jay paul said :
8 Eylül 2014 15:09
Nice post with awesome points! Can’t wait for the next one.

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